Posts from 2017

Posts from 2017

I'm Wondering What Happens When We Die

What Happens When We Die?

If to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, then why does the Bible say “the dead in Christ shall rise…”? How can it be both ways?? Pastor Joshua briefly answers the question… What Happens When We Die?
I'm Wondering Are Jehovah Witnesses Christians

Are Jehovah Witnesses Christians?

I Just Had A Visit From A Jehovah Witness. He Said He Was A Christian. Pastor Joshua Kennon interviews Special Guest and former Jehovah Witness, Brady Crum, and answers the question… Are Jehovah Witnesses Christians? Visit Pastor Brady’s YouTube Channel @ Visit Pastor Brady’s Website @ Visit Pastor Brady’s Facebook @ For a copy of his DVD Series, “How I Escaped The Jehovah Witnesses”, write him via any of the channels above.
I'm Wondering Are Catholics Christians

Are Catholics Christians?

I Have A Friend Who Attends A Catholic Church… My Parents Were Catholics… Are They In Heaven? Pastor Joshua briefly answers the question… Are Catholics Christians?