Lead Pastor – Joshua Kennon

Pastor Joshua Kennon

Joshua was born in 1979 and lived in Fredericktown, MO until 2005. At the age of 5, he gave his life to Jesus and began serving him through various music ministries. In 1999, Joshua responded to God’s call on his life to go into ministry.

Joshua first joined the leadership team of the 1st Free Will Baptist Church in October 2001 when he became the Pastor To Students. During his tenure as the Pastor to Students, he ministered to thousands of teenagers, and became a leader amongst youth leaders of the area.

In 2004, Joshua was brought on as a Purpose Driven Youth Ministry Mentor for the State of Missouri. Along with one other mentor, Joshua was responsible for organizing youth pastors on the state level, and training them in PDYM.

In late 2009 he helped create the ONE Initiative of the parkland area. Working with other youth leaders and youth organizations in the area, the ONE Initiative grew to minister to thousands of teenagers in the community.

After more than 11 years as the Pastor To Students, in November 2012, Joshua was elected as the new Lead Pastor of 1st Church.

Joshua also serves on the Executive Committee for the St. Francois District Association of Free Will Baptists, serves on the Board of Directors for Young Faith in Christ, and serves as a Volunteer Chaplain for the Southeast Mental Health Center.

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Christmas Gifts God's Gift Of Salvation

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Acts The Movement Begins Just A Nobody

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Transformed To The Image

Acts The Movement Begins Transformed To The Image

November 12, 2017 ()

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