Resources For Home Ministry

Resources For Home Ministry

This list will grow considerably over the next couple of hours / days. Please check back often for new resources.


Giving is a very practical way that we worship God. Without giving, our local fellowship would cease to exist. Even though we’re not gathering together this month, your giving is still very much necessary. Please consider making your gifts through our online giving channel or setting up automatic weekly giving.

Video On How To Continue To Minister During Quarantine

Watch FWB Executive Secretary Dr. Eddie Moody’s interview below with Duke University Medical Center physician and researcher Dr. Harold Koenig as they discuss ways churches and Christians can continue to minister, stay healthy, and help the sick during this time.

Right Now Media

Did you know that as an attender of the 1st Free Will Baptist Church, you have access to THOUSANDS of Bible Study videos from some of the best Bible teachers in the world?!? And best of all… IT’S FREE TO ALL OUR ATTENDERS!

There’s studies for adults, teens, & children. You can view them on a computer, a tablet, a phone… or cast directly to your television. You can find the link below, or request an account if you don’t already have one.

D6 Family App

Randall House, the makers of D6 Curriculum, the curriculum we use here at 1st Church, is offering free resources like family fun questions, Splinks (spiritual links to your kids), Home Connections (offering read, pray, do activities), Family Fun Nights, and encouraging videos, all at no cost through the D6 Family App.

Download it today for your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet today and have some spiritual discussions around the dinner table this evening.

Family Faith Talks

This book is filled with simple ideas to help you include God in your everyday activities. It provides over 100 practical ways to talk with children about God. There are game ideas, questions to ask, Bible verses to read, and prayers to pray. Read through the book and find an idea you like and try it on your family. See what they think. Most don’t require any other items (except for a few science or cooking experiments). You might be surprised at how eager your kids are to learn from you!

There is a cost to this book ($11.99 on RH / $13.99 on Amazon) but it is worth it!

Pray For Your Missionaries!

FWB International Missions has provided a Facebook resource to help families come together to learn more about their missionaries

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