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Social Distancing

Re-Opening The Church Q&A

Many people have questions and concerns about what re-opening the church will look like. Please take a moment to go through this Q&A session to find answers. If you have a question or concern that has not been addressed, please feel free to contact Pastor Joshua, and we will do our best to address that question / concern. This list may change / grow as the days pass. Please check back often. Blessings to you!!!

Resources For Home Ministry

This list will grow considerably over the next couple of hours / days. Please check back often for new resources. Giving Giving is a very practical way that we worship God. Without giving, our local fellowship would cease to exist. Even though we’re not gathering together this month, your giving is still very much necessary. Please consider making your gifts through our online giving channel or setting up automatic weekly giving. Video On How To Continue To Minister During Quarantine…