I’m New Here

I’m New Here

Looking For A Church Home?

These days, finding a church home can be as confusing as deciding on the best cereal brand in the grocery store aisle! Options abound, and it can feel overwhelming!

1st Church is a safe place to grow and learn about God no matter who you are or where you are in life’s journey.  We hope you’ll join us this weekend! Sunday Morning Worship Begins @ 10:30 am.

Please take some time to tell us that you were here using the Visitor Registration form below. Blessings to you!

What To Expect
We’re Friendly

You will notice this as soon as you arrive. We are generous in warmly welcoming not only those we know but also those we’ve just met. Moreover, we’re friendly at a deeper level. We place a premium on developing long-lasting relationships with one another, relationships that go beyond caring for each other just on Sundays to truly looking out for one another everyday. If you are looking for authentic community, you have found the right place.

We’re Balanced

Most people want to know if we are traditional or contemporary… We may be a little of both… but neither completely. Our morning worship isn’t exactly traditional, but you won’t feel like you’re attending a concert either. We sing different styles of music, and strive to involve our people in anyway that we can. Most of our people dress casual, but your Sunday best is welcome as well.

We’re People Of Prayer

We don’t believe that prayer is a ministry of the church… we believe it’s THE ministry of the church. Everything begins and ends with prayer. In addition to praying for one another, each time we gather, our leadership team prays for the leading of the Holy Spirit.

We Preach From The Bible

We preach from the Bible and allow God to be heard. The Bible is always relevant and life changing so we are consistent in teaching God’s Word every Sunday. The most commonly used translation of the Bible used at 1st Church is the NIV, however, other translations may be used by different teachers.

Let Us Know You’ll Be Visiting

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